What’s wrong with the world?

Hi everyone I made this blog ecspacially for this one reason.
First of all let me introduce myself, I’m a 15 muslim girl living in Sweden. I’m born in Sweden and I see myself as a Swede, my first language is Swedish but my parents are not. They were born in Iraq and I have never been there in my life. Please share this, let the world know what is happening.
Now to the point..

What the actual hell is happening to our world? Why is it happening. I’m sorry to say this but even ANIMALS aren’t doing this kind of thing, then it means we HUMANS are worse than animals! Why are we killing each other? We all are humans even though we come from different countries or have different religions. WHY ARE YOU KILLING?!
How can you not feel guilty just seeing that you killed a LIVING person, and now he/she is dead right now, do you understand what you’ve done? You killed a person who had a family, friends, kids. How can you even do it?! IT’S TOO CRUEL!

I can’t even stand watching someone losing the loved ones and you can kill the person and forget that you killed him in seconds, the family will have the scar forever! IT’S UNBELIEVABLE.

Ecspacially me, who is half Iraqi, understand the language seeing the people crying and screaming, seeing kids around 5 or even newly born get burned. How can you do it? How cruel can a human being get? Do you think god will thank you after what you have done? DO YOU THINK GOD WILL BE HAPPY SEEING YOU KILLING SOMETHING HE CREATED?! No.. It’s even impossible to think that way, there’s no way people can think like that.

Do understand how hard it is for ME to go outside? Muslim people are dying EVERYWHERE it’s not only in Iraq, syria, Afghanistan etc. Muslims are escaping here so they can get safe here, and half of them died all the way here to Sweden let us say 50% and they also get killed here if you’re not careful enough. There’s 15% chance you can get pursued because you’re a muslim.

But I am so grateful for this country! Sweden is everything I have left. I can go to school, I have a comfortable house and everything I have ever wanted, thanks to my family. But in this very moment someone is getting killed or raped somewhere because of the belief. It’s never enough, why? Why?

Wishing for peace just like that won’t do anything. People, you need to take action before it’s too late. If the terrorist group increases in amount it will only be harder for us to defeat them! And even if we defeat them people will always think the same as them and regroup. Please think carefully and don’t kill the innocent people anymore.

Why are human beings the worst creation of all time. Why are people getting killed because of their beliefs? Why is it us? Why? There’re so many why’s but no because.

Should I convert to another religion? Should I be an atheist? Should I be an agnostic? So I can escape from this cruel world?

NO NO NO I’m not.
I’m staying a muslim and I will always have faith within me. I will always pray that nothing happens worse. I will pray that this somehow stops. I will pray that everyone who has been killed will have a place in heaven and those who killed will have a place in hell. Even if there’s no one listening to my prayers. I WILL PRAY.

Killing is not the solution. Please people I’m begging you. I’m only fifteen and my childhood is gone by these kind of things. The kids who are dying in front of the parents. Do you know how FUCKING Hard that is for a parent? Getting raped in front of a parent. I don’t have kids but imagining my parents seeing me getting raped in front of them brings tears to my eyes.

Comiting suicide, bombing, beheading, executing, murdering, raping. STOP IT

Please let the world know what they are doing. Our world is too cruel. We are worse than animals.

/// TeensThoughts